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Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-723-1921.

Name Grade/Position
Jasmine Fredericks Principal
Cathy Tynan Vice-Principal
V. Crimi


K. Brady Kindergarten
M. Amisson Kindergarten

C. Anderson

Grade 1  (French Immersion)

S. Reilly

Grade 1/2

A. Levac

Grade 1/2 (French Immersion)
I. Fabiilli

Grade 2/3 (French Immersion)

K. Taylor

Grade 3/4

H. Khatib Grade 3 (French Immersion)
B. MacEachern Grade 4/5 (French Immersion)
R. Hawley Grade 4/5
A. Tuccia Grade 6
N. Anctil

Grade 5/6 (French Immersion)

C. Labow Grade 6 (French Immersion)
A. Cavaliere Grade 8 (French Immersion)

J. Lelasseux

Core French/CCT

C. Peixoto, M. Sufrin

Early Childhood Educators

B. Agius
L. Aloe
C. Lee
J. St Onge
L. Moores
A. Phillips
C. Meehan-Charbula .5
Educational Assistants 
N. Talbot-Bonfordi
S. Taras
C. MacLean

Curriculum Coverage Teachers

S. McCaughey

J. Wynia

Program Support
C. Tynan Library

M. Edwards 

B. Benn

Chief Custodian


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