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Work done by students in the French Immersion program.

Our educators provide parents and guardians with information on what's happening in their classrooms. Find your class webpage below.

Name of Educator Class Webpages
N. Mohammed/K. Dela Cruz Kindergarten
L. Reiken/J. Morash Kindergarten
C. Anderson Grade 1 (French Immersion)
L. Neubauer (Vandeloo) Grade 1/2
H. Khatib

Grade 1/2 (French Immersion)

A. Levac Grade 2/3 (French Immersion)
K. Taylor  Grade 2/3 
B. MacEachern Grade 4 (French Immersion)
F. Marshall Grade 4/5
A. Conforti/S. Ladewig Grade 5/6
N. Talbot-Bonfordi/D. Gonzalez

Grade 5 (French Immersion)

N. Talbot-Bonfordi/D. Gonzalez Grade 6 (French Immersion)
A. Cavaliere/A. Godin Grade 7 (French Immersion)

A. Cavaliere/A. Godin

Grade 8 (French Immersion)

J. Lelasseux

Core French

B. Agius
A. Phillips
D. Williams
Educational Assistants 
J. Belair
S. Taras
S. Ladewig

Curriculum Coverage Teachers

S. Hardy
K. Remiz

Program Support

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